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Girls on the Run Greater Knoxville

I’d like to share a quick story with you about one of our Girls on the Run (GOTR) participants. This is a real account, but I had to change the name for confidentiality reasons. Sam was a third-grader when she was first introduced to GOTR. She was having a very difficult time at home and at school, finding herself in the principal’s office or in in-school suspension nearly every day and with failing grades. At all of our schools, we have Site Liaisons who help identify girls who would benefit from the program and encourage their participation.  The Liaison at Sam’s school recognized that the GOTR curriculum could benefit her and approached her about it. Sam agreed to participate. By lesson 3, Sam was not making daily visits to the principal and slowly went from being the school bully to an engaged encourager. Another wonderful result of her participation in GOTR is that she discovered she loves to run and she’s fast! For 10 weeks, her energy went into the laps around the track and supporting her teammates and away from hurtful words toward others. When the 5k came around she not only ran the course, but her mother and siblings, who had never been involved with Sam’s school meetings, etc. in the past, were there with signs and cheers along the course. And Sam is only 1 of the hundreds of girls who participate. I have provided a brief description below about our program and I think Sam’s story will prove that our mentoring / coaching program works to develop confident girls that make a positive impact in their schools and community.

My ask is to please take a moment to consider volunteering for Girls on the Run of Greater Knoxville and cheer on hundreds of girls just like Sam!

Girls on the Run is a transformational physical activity–based positive youth development program for girls in 3rd to 8th grade designed to develop and enhance girls’ competencies to successfully navigate life experiences. At Girls on the Run, trained and supportive coaches and volunteers teach life skills through dynamic, conversation-based lessons and running games. The program culminates with the girls being physically and emotionally prepared to complete a celebratory 5k running event. The goals of the program are to develop and improve competence, unleash confidence through accomplishment, develop strength of character, respond to others and oneself with care and compassion, create positive connections with peers and adults and make a meaningful contribution to community, all while establishing a lifetime appreciation of health and fitness.

We have so many ways you can help:

If you would like to come see a coaching session to see if you might be interested in coaching in the future Terry would be happy to arrange a site visit. No better way to understand how Girls on the Run of Greater Knoxville helps inspire girls to be healthy and confident than to see it firsthand! Please email Terry Keltner at terry.leann.keltner@ms.com with any questions!

Posted on 04-05-2017